At Boise Alarm, we offer systems and services that’ll keep you safe, give you peace of mind, and make your quality of life a whole lot better.

Burglar Alarm

Keep your home, business, or industrial facility safe against intruders with a reliable and expansive security system. With entry sensors, motion sensors, glass break sensors, and an innovative base station to control it all, you can turn your property into an fortress that’s impossible for criminals to sneak into.

fire alarms

Protect yourself and your property against the devastation of fire. Make sure you’ll be alerted the moment trouble begins with reliable smoke and heat detectors. Go on the offense against the blaze with ceiling sprinklers. Monitor your system and send alerts to the fire department with a smart base station. Fires are incredibly dangerous, but with a reliable fire detection and response system you can save lives and property.

Alarm Monitoring

You’ve got a life to live and can’t constantly be focused on detecting and responding to threats. Fortunately, you don’t need to. With our alarm monitoring service, you can have a professional standing ready to respond to issues the moment they occur. Our 24/7 monitoring means you can confidently relax knowing you are protected by diligent defenders.

Make sure that only authorized personnel are able to enter restricted areas with a modern access control system. Say goodbye to the clunky locks of the past and secure your facility with a card-based access system. Lock and unlock doors, grant and revoke access privileges, and add and disable access cards all from your mobile device. Securing your property has never been easier.

home Automation

Make life a little easier with the best of home automation technology. Manage your home from the convenience of a control tablet or your mobile device. Control lighting, temperature, locks, cameras, and more. Get the quality of life you deserve with a home automation system.

Cameras & DVR

Keep watch over your property with a high-definition surveillance system. Get a view of your entire property with outdoor cameras, indoor cameras, and doorbell cameras. Record and store video on a reliable DVR that will hold video evidence should you require it. Whether you want to capture evidence, deter crime, or simply want to check who’s at your door, a surveillance system is just what you need.